Rushingwind & Mucklow
a multi-award winning music duo

Steven and Michael had each recorded their debut albums at a studio owned by a mutual friend. It was this friend who suggested their respective talents put together would make a good record. Two years later Steven and Michael met by phone and talked about the possibility of recording. Michael began working out some song ideas, sent them to Steven to add his flute, and that became the album Ancient Elements. Steven and Michael found common ground in their mutual respect for the spirituality of the Ancient ones, and the Elements of the wondrous earth around them. Their music is highly influenced by both.

The duo, as Rushingwind & Mucklow, recorded four albums in four years and have been very blessed to have their music so well received. And many thanks go out to the ones in the music community who voted for our nominations and awards.

Beyond R&M, Steven and Michael continue to pursue their solo and group music projects. Perhaps more music will come from this duo in the future.

Steven and Michael at the 2012 NAMA.


Music Awards Rushingwind & Mucklow have won.